While It Is Deep and Dark, Our Story Is No Secret

Within every human body live trillions of microbial cells. Known as the microbiome, this community of beneficial bacteria significantly influences overall health.

The Mycrobiome® Fingerprint

From digestion to hormone balance, an active, healthy, thriving microbiome is crucial for an active, healthy, thriving you. And whether you are a man, a woman, a child or a senior, or if you’re a vegan, meat-eater, healthy or ill, your microbiome is unique to you – similar to a fingerprint.

Your Unique Needs

When it comes to probiotics, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we use the fingerprint to represent our innovative line of Solaray® Mycrobiome® Probiotic supplements: An innovative line of probiotics as unique as you are.

Meeting Your Gut’s Goals

Each of our Mycrobiome® Probiotics is specially formulated with a blend of probiotic strains selected for their distinct and unique benefits. From weight support to colon health and men’s needs to women’s needs, we offer a Mycrobiome® formula made for you.

  • Women’s Formula
  • Urgent Care
  • Men’s Formula
  • Adult 50+
  • Weight Formula
  • Colon Formula