Enteric Shield®: Long live your probiotic

The fact is your stomach acid is harsh! A two-edged sword, your stomach acid begins the digestive process and acts as a line of defense against potentially harmful bacteria, but it can also prevent beneficial bacteria from reaching your GI tract where it’s needed. That’s where our innovative Enteric Shield® comes in!

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Delayed Disintegration

Because stomach acid is indiscriminate, it’s necessary to protect the fragile probiotics as they travel through your stomach. Where most capsules are designed to disintegrate within 20 minutes of entering the stomach, probiotics are (and should be) different!

Enteric ShieldTM

Protecting Probiotic Bacteria

Solaray® Mycrobiome® Probiotics are delivered via a specialized capsule called Enteric Shield®. Designed to remain intact longer than 60 minutes in stomach acid, our fortified capsules help the probiotics survive the journey to the alkaline environment of the intestines where they can begin benefitting your body. Finally, you don’t have to settle for probiotics that go in and sizzle up before they ever work out! Find the Mycrobiome® Probiotic formula you want, complete with the Enteric Shield® protection it needs!

  • Women’s Formula
  • Urgent Care
  • Men’s Formula
  • Adult 50+
  • Weight Formula
  • Colon Formula